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10:38pm 05/12/2010

I had a dream & you were in it. We were on a crashing plane & we each had a missile we got to jump off with. I'm thinking this was some sort of self destruct thing. Your missile came so you jumped off but we held hands & I jumped off with you on your missile. However as it turns out my missile fell right after yours and was headed in the same direction, so we rode our missiles all the way down to the earth where we landed without a scratch. We lay on our backs holding hands & smiling at each other with our missiles right next to each other. We thought maybe we could escape this by rolling away from the missiles, so we did but they followed us, then finally they set off and shot upward but they came bouncing back right toward us, however once again we survived without a scratch. So we remained lying there on the grass smiling at our fortune & happy we got out of this alive. I took your face & we shamelessly made out right then & there. My grandma walked by so I got up to say hi to her but she was rather unhappy with our pda. I didn't care. I tried to tell her I was happy you & I were alive. Then we went to some small place where we were playing music in the corner to a small audience. I was on bass of course & you were singing. The last song I remember we played was Pet Cemetary by The Ramones. I couldn't stop smiling at you & feeling so blessed we were alive.

I had a horrible depressing night last night, but it's a brand new day and I feel great & blessed to be alive :)

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more dream madness 
10:42pm 08/10/2007
  Couple nights ago I had another crazy dream

oh...how strange


I was living in this strange sort of [I don't even know what to call it] It was like this stretch of street and this long building comprised of several small rooms. Each person lived in a room. I had a room there. The room was small..about the size of my own real room...probably smaller actually. These rooms had 2 small closets and that was about it. There was a couch or something in the main part of the room. Nicole had a room right next to mine. Each room had one door that led to outside.

And every night something scared me. I can't remember much but I think it was something along the lines of people started coming after me...freaky people...I don't know...all I know is freaky stuff happened at night...and it really scared me. I'd run out of my room and go to Nicole's then I wouldn't remember anything till morning.

Then there for some reason one day I went over to this other similar building only their rooms were much larger with kitchens and living rooms and doors that connected them to each other. I was looking for something or someone...I really don't remember. But I remember I had to sneak. I guess I wasn't allowed there or something. So I crawled into the first room through their doggy door. A kid saw me but that was OK, I just wanted to make sure the mom didn't. I made it through about 2 more rooms then for some reason decided to turn back. On my way out of the last [first] room the mom saw me. She came after me and I crawled as fast as I could out of there! then ran to my room.
I asked Nicole to stay with me in my room that night. So she was there before it got dark. I walked over to the door and looked at her. She was just chillin on my couch. Then I opened the door and stepped outside. The door was still open and my hand was still on the knob. I looked outside and watched it grow darker then I went back inside and closed the door. I looked over to Nicole and she was still sitting there....only her head was gone. I felt all this terror grow inside me and I quickly looked towards one of my closets. Her head was there and I shut the closet door and pressed my weight against it to keep it shut. [I guess somehow her head was struggling against it] Then the rest of her came at me, clawing and stuff. It was so freaking scary. I feel to the floor and just saw her headless body lean over me, clawing at me then I passed out.



and somewhere amidst all this there was another part about a horse that was loose and it was jumping up on people. I was at my old house in the front yard and I saw it run into my yard. I jumped up onto the bed of my dad's pickup truck to get away from it but it jumped in with me but then it just sat down next to me. So I sat there petting it until it's owners came and took it away. Then I went to bring it some apples but when I got there they said it couldn't eat the apples because of the skin. So I walked back down the blocks towards my house again.

it's all very random

I had another dream just last night but I may just post it later.
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In the A.M. 
11:35pm 25/09/2007
  The water was gone.

The room was full of stuff, but empty of people. Or so it seemed.

He was there.
The thing.
The one from the last time she had been there.
She had gotten rid of all but him.

She couldn't see him but he was there.

Someone else was there too. A little girl. Or so she seemed.

She wasn't there last time. She was new.
She was scared. He was after her. He was searching for her now,
but she was invisible and he could not see her.

For some reason though, she could see her. Perhaps it was because she was meant to help her. She was always meant to do something whenever she found herself here. She spoke as if with thought rather than words, and told the little girl to stay invisible. She tried to distract him.

She ran. She made noise. She tried to draw him away from the exit so the little girl could leave. It didn't work. Somehow he always knew. He always came back.
She didn't know how to get the little girl out of there.
Was she supposed to get her out?

A small red thing came by. He looked like a stuffed doll.
Not much taller than a foot. He was adorable,
but he was bad. She just knew.
The little girl looked different now.
She looked as if she were the same as the little red thing,
only the same height she had always been and light purple instead.

They merged.

Perhaps she was supposed to get her out like that. No.
It didn't work. The little red thing was no use.
She made them separate then crushed the red thing with her shoe.
She'd figure this room out later...

She exited the room and walked towards another.
The Red room. The Theater.
She remembered this room from last time too.
This room scared her. Last time she didn't solve it.
She entered the room. It was more or less the same as last time.
A large medium lit theater with rows and rows of seats.
Scattered throughout the seats were occupants. They weren't all the same as last time. Some were human, some were not. They sat dully, staring towards the screen.
They were Apathetic and unresponsive.
She knew what she had to do. She had known last time.
She had just never finished. She had gotten scared.
She had to try the seats. Only the seats that were occupied would work.
She had to sit in them and watch. She didn't know what she had to do after that.
She had never really made it farther than that.

She walked down the row and tried a couple seats. Tapping them.
She picked out a random occupied seat and sat down on the unresponsive occupant.
She felt herself sink in a little. The screen seemed to come to life. Everything that was in it was now in her face. In front of her. Next to her. People. Frightening creatures. Her seat revolved. The room spun slowly. The creatures drew nearer. They were too frightening.
She sat up.
She'd figure this room out later...

She walked to the back of the theater towards the double stairway that led to a slightly raised floor. People were walking casually back and forth.
Someone stood atop the upper floor on the flat where the stairways joined.
"This book doesn't have anything in it
Do you want it?"
The person tossed down a thick book. It fell to the floor heavily.
She reached down and picked it up. The upper half of the cover was white and the lower was black. It was entitled "The Clash"
She opened up the book. It was certainly not empty.
She looked to the back cover. 12 young men were depicted in sepia. Apparently this was the story of those 12 boys who had formed a country group but eventually all died.

She opened her eyes.
She saw the ceiling.
The same ceiling she had seen before she had closed her eyes earlier.

That's the way in and out of that place.
Close your eyes to enter
Open them to exit

That had been her second visit.
She wondered if she would ever make a third.
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06:00pm 04/09/2005
  shortly after having this dream, I wrote it all down very quickly because It was prettly long and I didn't want to forget any of it.
so it's written in rather incomplete sentences. I tried to fix some of it. I hope it's not too annoying to try to read.

I was at a camp type place and there was this endangered animal thingy. we were looking for it. something was after it. kids play. boys do funny stuff. suddenly things arent right. funny boys dead. kids gone. counselor finds out the thing isnt after the animal anymore.
one boy calls me, "we're here now" hes down a ladder in a hole, he climbs back down. I go in after him but some force pushes me back up and I cant reach them. I try to remember something about where the (bad) thing would be. in a field, because thats where the animal was when it tried to get me. So I go and try to find a field beyond the building. I say "come on" to the little animal running by me (because suddenly it's next to me). then I find the field.

suddenly it switches to something about the ring. theres a guy who just married a widowed mother. pictures are shown. -fuzzy- somehow the girl ends up watching the tape again, she freaks out, doesnt answer the phone. avoids any sort of message. also tells her kid not to accpet any as well, someone tried to write it in a card shaped like something with pointed ears, she rips it up, she gets a cd, she destroys it too. another lady has seen it and is freaking out. people are hididng out by a gas station like store by the road. a lady cant take it anymore and runs across the street to the other side, she gets hit by one car and keeps going almost getting hit by two more. she tried to go into the other stores but they just closed and wont let her in. defeated. a police officer comes to one girl and asks whats wrong, she doesnt want to tell him about the message so she only starts to speak about the tape when she sees it in his hand. a paper cover depicting a sad girl with a black dress with buckles all over it and flowers and smiling masks. she knows it is the same one she saw before only they changed it by ading flowers and smiling faces. "Thats the one" she says calmly, "you know what I'm talking about". "They found out it's not the girl", he says, "it's a (some sort of demon thing)" he stands up and suddenly theres like 2 of them there, they're over 5 feet tall with flat dark bodies like shadows and catlike faces, the police mans face changes, theres something wrong with him, "theres nothing you can do" She runs into one of the three stores, there are a couple other people inside, the creature follows, they decide to fight. (suddenly it's me now for some reason) I try to shock one with static electricity because for some reason I know electricity kills them but its not stong enough a volt so it laughs. I take a huge lava lamp thing from the shelf and smashe it over its head. the fighting continues and I run to the other part of the store where its dark. a small person is there and walks towards me but I attack it, it backs away and says "smart of you to attack humans now as well, you know the power of the creatures" there more of the strange little people, it's like theyre made of cloth, theyre a dusty brown color and can stretch and move very fast, I try to cut throught them. (somehow) finally we have killed them all. someone comes to me and puts 3 sceptar-like things in my hand, they have some sort of white rocks at the top, (looks a lot like giant rock candy) and a single pink one at the very top of all the white. The three are all slightly different sizes, there is a larger one a smaller one and the smallest one. the person says I did a wonderful job fighting and that the larger one is mine, I give the other 2 to the other people. Then he says he was to go across the street and climb the building "like constantine" (dont know where that came from) so we all run across the street with our sceptars and begin to climb the building, there is a small rope ladder type thing that I grab onto with my right hand holding the scepter with my left. I have to grab onto these strings going across the building horizontally, it's somewhat difficult, I dont feel I am strong enought to be doing it, I know it is very high up though I never look down, I feel like Im going to fall, but I persist and am determined to make it to the top. suddenly Keanu Reeves-Constantine is next to me climbing. We make it to the top, I have a rather difficult time (in which my cousin is suddenly there out of nowhere making fun of me) but I get up and we're all there. We're about to climb back down the other side when I wake up.

it was a crazy-random dream but one of the coolest ones I can remember
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